About Us

Crowd Update was created in 2012 by Artful Stuff LLC as a FREE service and FREE app that can be downloaded to use on smart phones. Crowd Update is funded by advertisements from various venues to cover operational expenses. It is user driven and as a member, you will be able to update the network and receive valuable info to make your outings more pleasant and memorable.

Crowd Update is a quick reference tool that provides you with crowd conditions, wait times and other service info about venues (Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, and Coffee Shops) before you even leave the house. This tool will save you time and money from hopping from restaurant to restaurant to learn that there is a 30 minute to an hour wait for service, or raveling from club to club, to find your level of action and entertainment. At any given time, you might want to locate a quiet coffee shop with available seats and a desirable layout, or instead of riding around looking for Hotel vacancies at the last moment, you will find at your finger tips the most updated list of vacancies from your location.

Our Mission

Crowd Update aims to keep the public informed of the progression of crowds and service status in public places. This service is depended on individuals’ input to keep the community updated with what’s happening in places that we visit day-in and day-out. To show our appreciation for your participation, each month Crowd Update awards a member a special prize for posting updates at different venues. After making the required amount of entries a week, those individuals will qualify to be in the monthly drawings.

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