Terms, Conditions, and Agreement

1. Purpose of Services

These terms, conditions, and agreement explain the marketing and promotional services by and for the Merchant with Crowd Update. The Merchant will insert coupons or advertisement and have complete control over presentation and timelines. The Merchant ads will be instantly displayed on website and the smartphone application of Crowd Update.

2. Crowd Update role

Once the Merchant has completed the registration, Crowd Update will start the process of validation. During the registration, any monetary information will be handled by a secured third party. The validation process will take approximate 2-5 days or less. After approval, the Merchant will have access to posting ads or announcements. The Merchant’s account will allow up to 4 separate photos or slots with available extra slots for an additional cost. Start time and expiration of any posted information will be solely controlled by the Owner or Merchant. The Merchant will be giving a 90-day free trial after which the monthly fee of $39.99 will be transacted the following day the trial expires.

3. Merchant Responsibilities

a. The Merchant is solely responsible for any advertisement that s(he) would have posted, whether it’s a picture, content or both. The owner agrees to honor any deals that may be presented 24-7 or otherwise specified in the advertisement, which will be presented through the Crowd Update source. Merchant grants Crowd Update the authorization to display all content that is submitted to the Crowd Update system. Merchant is advised to manage or monitor the advertisement on regular basis to reach daily to monthly goals. The Merchant is required to partner with Crowd Update for at least one year. As a result, Crowd Update will be able to offer a reasonable monthly fee. Furthermore, the Merchant will build its customer base, increase sales, encourage customer loyalty, and reap a noticeable ROI.

b. Merchant will be solely responsible for any state or federal legal issues that may arise from the presentation of any content. The owner will resolve any promotional discrepancy or misunderstanding with its customers, and immediately make the necessary content change to remain in good standing. Merchant will defend Crowd Update and employees from any claims, liabilities, and including legal fees concerning its advertisements. In the event of a claim towards the Merchant or legal matter that is addressed to Crowd Update, Crowd Update will notify the Merchant for indemnification. The Merchant or Crowd Update will not be liable for one another’s business-monetary losses or damages that may have occurred from breach of this agreement or any other associated document.

4. Termination of Agreement

Crowd Update or the Merchant may terminate this agreement at any date before the 90 day-trial or after the one year commitment. The 90 day-trial period is included in the first year. In the event of cancellation before the expiration of the agreement, $180 or the total of the remaining months, or whichever amount is less will be due at that time.

I am the Owner or an appointed representative of this Merchant and I agree to the terms and conditions in this document.