How It Works

How many times have you gone out only to find long lines? You can now avoid these unpleasant surprises and find current info of crowd condition, wait times at restaurants, night clubs or the bar scene, parking situations, and other insights at area venues before you even leave the house. Crowd Update is the solution that provides the most important details you need to make your night out the best it can be.

  • You will get feedback from restaurants, bars, clubs, coffee shops, and hotels from people like yourself.
  • Crowd Update shows crowd levels, age group, type of entertainment, and who's in attendance at bars & clubs.
  • Restaurant information such as parking, including valet, wait times or crowd density can help you plan where to go.
  • These snapshots of information hold true for coffee shops and hotels too.

Don't find yourself going from place to place hoping to find a seat or seats to conduct a meeting! Check it out with Crowd Update before you go.

Crowd Update is FREE and member driven. Participants, such as you, post updates about an establishment so others can be as informed as you are.

You must be in that place to update the system. Updating is easy.

  • Click the establishment on the App.
  • Then click the update button at the bottom of screen.
  • Next, select the appropriate pull-down buttons and leave a message to provide additional info.
  • You may also validate an update with a photo.
  • Last, click "send" to forward the update.

The update takes about 20 seconds to input. You are asked to enter information that best describes the crowd situation at that moment at that venue. The info you provide is posted onto the Crowd Update within seconds and notated with date, time, and user name. The existence of a blue eye on an update indicates that a picture was posted and can be clicked for viewing.

If you are having trouble updating a location, it is usually caused by a poor signal. However, if you experience any issues with the App, or have concerns or suggestions please contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience and are always striving to make the App and member experience better. We will always seek solutions to make your interaction with Crowd Update as pleasant as possible.

To show our appreciation for your participation, each month Crowd Update awards a member a special prize for posting updates at different venues. After making the required amount of entries a week, those individuals will qualify to be in the monthly drawings.

Thank you for your participation, which includes accurate feedback, promptness, honesty, and the respect to others.

Some reported percentages from Crowd Update may vary plus or minus 10-20% of occupancy.
If you have a weak signal, your location may not be accurate & you will not be able to update the system. Try to reload the app or start over.
While remaining in the same spot of an establishment, a member may only update every 15 minutes about that venue if so desired.
Please, if it is possible, take pictures of friends that show a glimpse of your report, but be considerate of other people's spaces.
Please obey the establishment's policies where it may be stated "No pictures".

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